Download Boruto Episode 217

Download Boruto Episode 217 Free Download Naruto On Baryon Mode

Visualogi – Here’s Download Boruto Episode 217 Will be a continuation of the anime Boruto

In this episode of boruto 217, it will be one of the most exciting episodes to watch.

Not without reason, it was known in the previous episode, Boruto Episode 216 Naruto, Sasuke and Boruto had a very tight fight against Osutsuki Isshiki.

But with Osutsuki Isshiki’s strength, they were no match for him.

is the current Strongest Osutsuki, Naruto Cornered all out.

They reached a dead end in order to defeat Isshiki, Boruto who tried to offer himself with the result of his readiness to die had no impact on Isshiki.

They were all dying with a Fairly Disproportionate Power Ratio.

as if there was no other way to keep up with Osutsuki Isshiki. A Hope arose.

Under his consciousness Naruto was talking to Kurama, Kurama was concerned about Naruto’s current state of defeat.
Then Kurama offers a last resort but at the cost of Naruto’s life at stake.

Naruto did not hesitate to sacrifice his life to be able to defeat Isshiki.

Naruto’s whole body radiated tremendous chakra and began to attack Isshiki.
In this Boruto Episode 217, Our Hokage Naruto uses Baryon mode to defeat Isshiki.

Download Boruto Episode 217

Download Boruto Episode 217

seen In Boruto episode 217 footage, Osotsuki Isshiki’s face looks as if he is surprised by Naruto’s new power when using Baryon mode.
seen How Naruto’s Strength is drastically increased by the Baryon Mode he uses.

Naruto seemed to have fully recovered and gained an intense increase in strength.

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Preparing to face Osotsuki Isshiki In Boruto eps 217 this time, Naruto will put all his strength into Baryon Mode.

Will Naruto and Sasuke and Boruto be able to beat this strongest osotsuki? You can see the answer in the latest episode of the anime boruto 217 which will air this afternoon.
To watch this latest episode, if there is no shift in broadcast hours, you can watch the anime Boruto Episode 217, Sub Indo, you can watch on Sunday (26/09).

Airing at 17.00 you can easily download the following

Boruto 217

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